What is the Republic?

The year 1776 marked America’s victory in the war for independence.   The lawful right to re-inhabit is inherent in The Declaration of Independence circa 1776.  The Declaration, one of our founding documents, declares our right to change, alter or abolish any system of government that we believe is contrary to the safety and security of the American people.   However, this was NOT our approach.

In concern for all of humanity, “We the People” re-inhabited our lawful de jure (meaning “by right of legal establishment”) government on March 30, 2010, by serving notice on the de facto corporation, known as the “UNITED STATES”.   (USC 28 Section 3002, No. 15(a) “United States” means a Federal Corporation.)   The United States was incorporated February 21, 1871 (16 Stat. 419, Chap. 62, 41st Congress, 3rd Session), the purpose being “an Act to provide a Government for the District of Columbia, reorganized June 8th, 1878, (20 Stat. 102, Chapter 180, 45th Congress, 2nd Session) as “an Act providing a permanent form of government for the District of Columbia” aka US Inc.  Uniform Commercial Code, UCC9-307 (h) states “Location of United States.  The United States is located in the District of Columbia.  A lawful grand jury in each of the fifty republics created a new Declaration of Independence that was lawfully served on the corporate UNITED STATES informing them that the original de jure government was restored.   We have claimed our right to exist as a free and independent people on our land, thus exercising our God-given unalienable rights as defined in our Constitution and the Bill of Rights.

On July 21, 2010 “We the People” of the de jure government proclaimed worldwide and made our “Declaration of Sovereignty for the Republic for the united States of America” to The Hague (a.k.a. the International Court of Justice), the Universal Postal Union (UPU) and the United Nations (UN).  On September 23, 2010, the first session of congress was convened by the united free Republics of the re-inhabited united States of America.  The seating of the Executive, Legislative and Judicial branches of the Republic government were successfully established.  This was completed by more than the required two-thirds majority vote of “We the People” on the land of the independent Republics.  Delegates from more than 42 free Republics (States) attended, and officers for all three branches of our government have been officially sworn into office, lawfully electing interim President James Timothy Turner and interim Vice President Charles Eugene Wright, along with other established cabinet members with a presiding majority vote of 94% approval.  Thus, the Republic government is officially re-inhabited and staffed for the first time since 1868 by the will of “We the People”.

The de-facto United States Corporation was unlawfully established by the forty-first congress in 1871 by deceptive means and without proper consent from “We the People”.  The American people were placed under involuntary servitude by a “Legal” system of laws that have continually violated the “Constitution for the united States of America”, “Bill of Rights” and the “Declaration of Independence”.  The corporate constitution was changed from the original form, wherein Amendments were unlawfully added and removed without the people’s consent.  You can visit the defacto congress website (www.House.gov) and see that they have in brackets (Example [1]) the first 12 articles of the Bill of Rights.  It is presumed that they put them in brackets to show the world that they did not adopt them into the corporate structure of the United States Corporation.  Since 1871, the abuses of this corporation upon both the international community as well as the American people are inestimable and unconscionable.  De facto Congress has repeatedly violated their Oaths of Office, fiduciary responsibilities, and in many cases, committed treasonous acts against “We the People” of the united States of America and the world.

We humbly come forward apologizing for the numerous atrocities we have unknowingly allowed the United States Corporation to carry out upon the international community.   It is our mission to establish the American image of truth, honesty, integrity and honor around the world.  Our plan is to rebuild our economy and support other economies around the world, fulfilling humanitarian needs.  We will allow our military to withdraw from unnecessary conflicts around the world and promote world peace and prosperity.  We intend to follow God the Creator’s command to feed the hungry, clothe the naked, and care for the sick, irrespective of creed, religion or race.   There is no law against these things.

We are calling on the support of all Nations around the world to help us end the tyranny that has been perpetrated by the unlawful actions of the UNITED STATES corporate government.  We shall achieve this goal PEACEFULLY AND LAWFULLY, with boldness, integrity and truth, so help us God.


  1. Antonio Prince bey

    I have a right to honor my ankcestors 1776 was not the year America declared to be free because my ancestors were already free here on the land before the o called Europeans came here to setup there gov here on the land to do business that what the so call u.s banner is a banner of business that’s all so the real truth needs to be told not half of it. It Is good for you the info you bring here but tell the truth the so call people that were declaring there independence were the albino people here running from there masters from England and my ankcestors that were here way before any albino or so call European came allowed them signers to setup there business here that why all these free masons hold this knowledge to keep there lie going and wearing fez’s with Islam and titles belonging to the rightful heirs of this land the so called black people. but good info tho wake people up Is the job that is at hand/

  2. I first found out about our so called government about a year ago.
    Both astounded and regretfully ashamed for not having found out
    sooner. I accidentally came across the you tube videos by Mark
    Hafner and for the first in this past year actually have hope again
    and humbly request to join the Republic of America and volunteer to
    help in anyway I can. Thank God for all of you and God Bless the
    A Patriot,
    John Locknane

    • Admin 4

      If you are interesting in helping your state, please send an email to rrb.admin@republicoftheunitedstates.org

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      Amendment X
      “The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.”

      The objective of the Republic is to restore the original republican form of governance our fore fathers so bravely risked their fortunes, their lives and their sacred honor to achieve. The Republic does not assist with “remedy”. It is not a power delegated to the government by the Constitution. The Republic is restored to a time previous to the abuses by the corporate UNITED STATES and therefore “remedy” will have no need to exist.

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