De Jure Government is Restored!
The re-inhabited Republic for the united States of America has been Restored circa 1791 Constitutional Law

The year 1776 marked America’s victory in the war for independence.   The lawful right to re-inhabit is inherent in The Declaration of Independence circa 1776.  The Declaration, one of our founding documents, declares our right to change, alter or abolish any system of government that we believe is contrary to the safety and security of the American people.  In concern for all of humanity, “We the People” re-inhabited our lawful de jure (meaning “by right of legal establishment”) government on March 30, 2010, by serving notice on the de facto corporation, known as the “UNITED STATES”.  A lawful grand jury in each of the fifty republics created a new Declaration of Independence that was lawfully served on the corporate UNITED STATES informing them that the original de jure government was restored.   We have claimed our right to exist as a free and independent people on our land, thus exercising our God-given unalienable rights as defined in our Constitution and the Bill of Rights.

On July 21, 2010 “We the People” of the de jure government proclaimed worldwide and made our “Declaration of Sovereignty for the Republic for the united States of America” to The Hague (a.k.a. the International Court of Justice), the Universal Postal Union (UPU) and the United Nations (UN).  On September 23, 2010, the first session of congress was convened by the united free Republics of the re-inhabited united States of America.  The seating of the Executive, Legislative and Judicial branches of the Republic government were successfully established.  This was completed by more   than the required two-thirds majority vote of “We the People” on the land of the independent Republics.  Delegates from more than 42 free Republics (States) attended, and officers for all three branches of our government have been officially sworn into office, lawfully electing interim President James Timothy Turner and interim Vice President Charles Eugene Wright, along with other established cabinet members with a presiding majority vote of 94% approval.  Thus, the Republic government is officially re-inhabited and staffed for the first time since 1868 by the will of “We the People”.

The de facto UNITED STATES CORPORATION was unlawfully established by the forty-first congress in 1871 by deceptive means and without proper consent from “We the People”.  The American people were placed under involuntary servitude by a “Legal” system of laws that have continually violated the “Constitution for the united States of America”, “Bill of Rights” and the “Declaration of Independence”.  The corporate constitution was changed from the original form, wherein Amendments were unlawfully added and removed without the people’s consent.  Since 1871, the abuses of this corporation upon both the international community as well as the American people are inestimable and unconscionable.  De facto Congress has repeatedly violated their Oaths of Office, fiduciary responsibilities, and in many cases, committed treasonous acts against “We the People” of the united States of America and the world.

We humbly come forward apologizing for the numerous atrocities we have unknowingly allowed the U.S. CORPORATION to carry out upon the international community.   It is our mission to establish the American image of truth, honesty, integrity and honor around the world.  Our plan is to rebuild our economy and support other economies around the world, fulfilling humanitarian needs.  We will allow our military to withdraw from unnecessary conflicts around the world and promote world peace and prosperity.  We intend to follow God the Creator’s command to feed the hungry, clothe the naked, and care for the sick, irrespective of creed, religion or race.   There is no law against these things. 

We are calling on the support of all Nations around the world to help us end the tyranny that has been perpetrated by the unlawful actions of the UNITED STATES corporate government.  We shall achieve this goal PEACEFULLY AND LAWFULLY, with boldness, integrity and truth, so help us God.


  1. pharomission

    peace.. this can become a really good thing.. but what I have learned from the actual true history of the USA is that the concept of America were nice sounding words that truly never were practiced.. The fore fathers of this nation said one thing and did another.. The were made out to be heroes when in truth they using a new method of creating the same social/economic values into a new system.. If America was about freedom,justice,and equality then why continue the enslavement of Africans and declaring them in the Declaration Of Independence ,the so called negroes are 3/5 of a man, or reduced them to cattle in a doctrine..Saying that this is Christian Nation when in fact they believed that the story of Jesus and the way the account of the Holy Bible are perceived and told is a deception and a fraud.They had a different belief and perception about the Holy Bible,Torah,and the Holy Qur’an. They were Freemasons that had a different ideaology of who is GOD and our relationship with GOD. Not the God of the Chistians,Jews, or Muslims.. If you are restoring the Original Republic then your asking to restore chattle slavery of Black People, the same lies being told over and over,retaining the treaties with France and England after our so called Independence Day, oppressing the indigenous people of this land in which are erroneously called Native Americans,and produce the same results of materialism, exaggerated competition, insecurity, white supremacy egoism,and the economic exploitations that we have currently.. We truly need a new system.. If your intent is to make it honorable,with integrity, honesty , and of unconditional love.. This is not the original America.. We have to make a new one.. This is a excellent opportunity and time to really make a wonderful world and do the serious work of expanding the consciousness of man and evolving man into a new reality.. It can be done.. This can be a good starting place.. I studied enough about what has already happened.. It’s time to make some different happen this time for the benefit of all humans beings on our entire planet claiming our commonality and heritage.. and develop the perception that differences in human being should be studied with the concept of enhancing and optimizing our experiences individually to improve our lives … instead of typically using differences in people as a convenient rationale of entitlements to exercise authority,profit,ownership,and taking of lands and resources.. Lets this time have real patriots, real heroes, real love for freedom\justice\and equality, and become real men and women. We don’t have to be fearful no more and act as children. We have to stop acting like men and women and truly become men and women.. There is a difference..

  2. thomas

    Ohio 1802/1803 Constitution established borders and ratified the Articles of Confederation; pursuant to Article IV of the Articles of Confederation free inhabitants have all the rights and privileges of state citizen, the Organic laws are clear within Title 1, positive law. There are four documents which follow, Declaration of Independence (within 1803 Ohio Constitution and so done), Ratification of Articles of Confederation (so done),approval of Ohio to statehood,(so done), Northwest Territory; established to pay off the dept of the revolution, when states did the afore mentioned the state legislative body and the United States of America governed by the United States was removed from any legislative activity within a states borders since the United States only took on the Northwest Territory until the states became states and therefor they were limited to the Nortwest Territory by not adopting the Articles of Confederation for the united States of America. All presidents inclusive of George Washington never adopted the Articles of Confederation they took on the Nortwest territory and estblished themselve within the ten square miles known as the District of Columbia with the exception of ports, forts and needfull buildings within said terrtory such as Wayne National Forrest (which is in question). In 1851 Ohio moved to that constitution by resolution to address the one subject rule for legislation which is called the Dillon rule, since they could not legislate on land not owned by them, they could only make legislative act for their employees and themselves, the 14 th amendment allows for a revised code, that code only applies to politcal subdivisions and the employess created and is only a mention not the full body of that law. So when you see the term STATE it is in fact federal which reflects back to the United State Corporation defacto.
    All corporate bodies act “as if”, they are in the UNITED STATES, by the mere fact of registration and some alleged emplied consent which is Roman law. Check it out for yourself the Organic Law is in the statutes at Large Title 1.

  3. Floyd Howe

    We are looking for volunteers in Kansas for three people from each county to form the civil grand jury in each county. The three people will be the administration to form the grand jury of 25 people in each county. If you’re interested in forming a grand jury in your county email me at and I and my committee will coordinate with you to help you do this. We need the grand jury as the fourth arm of government to free this nation. This is what everyone can do in their state if you’re wondering how to attain the freedom you are desiring.

  4. Philip A. Zehrer

    Dear fellow Americans: April 9,2012 Anno Domini
    (in the year of our Lord Jesus Christ)


    2) I partialy Support the Republic because they are partially biblical and pro-life but have not joined because:
    A) The sign-up agreement form has a easy way in; but no provisions to opt-out!

    ST. CLOUD MN 56303-4416

  5. Randy Sims

    For over twenty five years I have been speaking out against the atrocites that are taking place in our nation. I realized that corporate rights had replaced that of individual. It is possible we are to late and as another has replied on this forum, what is to become of our nation has been written. Yet, we cannot give up and the first and most urgent thing WE THE PEOPLE must do is humble ourselves before our Creator. Only then can there be hope. So I hope and pray that all here who reads this do these two most important things. Ask God to forgive your sins and ask God to take control of this nation, this people once again. Unless we return this nation to the landlord, we may be looking for a new home.

  6. IM in, we must stop this progressives now!!!! both partys are needing to be replaced,no more big corp. big banking, the elites, we must stop it, im a christian and i believe in Jesus Christ, stop it my eyes are open, and has been for 2 years, Praise GOD!!!!! i want in,

  7. Wheatenlover

    I would like to point out to the administrator that the U in United on your front page is not capitalized. This looks very poor. I have not spent a lot of time getting acquainted with your site. One quick question I could probably get from reading: Is this based on the Constitutional Convention? Thanks!

    • Tobi, thank you for visting the website. The lower case “u” is due to how it is written on the “Trust” document the Declaration of Independence.

    • re u in ‘u’nited – its not supposed to be

  8. If you are tired of Republicans and Democrats with all this false hope which is getting worse and the Nedia not including Third Party Candidates like myself. I think the media is violating my First Amendment as a Candidate in which I am running for President in 2012

  9. It’s spooky how celver some ppl are. Thanks!

  10. Sharon

    It is so-o time for this. Let’s pray its not too late.

  11. Admin2

    Requires your support Robin.

  12. I have heard about this before and believe I have taken a step to associate myself with it. With everything that is going on now, so many people fighting the oppression of government and many starting there own little groups of defense. I agree with everything this man has said in this video Ya know I have a fellow student at school that says minds are like parachutes, they only work when they are open. I do not agree with this statement at all, as I see it as an extension of relativism which began in the 1800′s under Christoher Columbus Langell out of Harvard University. There are moral absolutes,there are lines that you do not cross, rules if you will by which to operate a “free society” or a Republic. A foundation upon which to build is what we were given by our Founders, that, as the video speaks of,was circumvented and exchanged from a foundation of rock to that of sand which shifts just as the mind of a relativist does. William Blackstone was the foremost influence on our founders and in his writings he pointedly observed that we are created beings subject to our Creator and His laws, know as Natural Law (Common Law), which is addressed in our Declaration. That when man’s law conflicts with God’s Law, God’s Law is superior to all else and should not be suffered to be ignored as it is the greatest law for individual man. Of course I edited what Mr. Blackstone said to the best of my recollection but it can be easily researched and found to be very close. Anyway, what is the next step?

  13. Juror 64529

    From: Juror 64529

    I swore an Oath to defend the Constitution & The National flag with out gold fringe. Described as red, white and blue with stripes of red and white horizontally placed in alternation under the jurisdiction of the Republic, refered to as We The People for which that flag was originaly designed to stand for. Threw the common laws [ Not The Democracy ] Against ALL enemies Foreign and Domestic. I did not take an oath to obey unlawful, immoral, perverted, or unconstitutional orders from politisions & judges under a false flag dichotomy. I also do not pledge allegiance to flags with satanic stars that are placed upside down. found at: [ Not to be confused with the upsidedown flag of distress. ]I also do not pledge allegiance to the U.N. Flag in our civilian courts. Found at:
    Anytime you add a letter S/s to any word in the WEBSTER DICTIONARY, BLACKS LAW DICTIONARY, ANDERSONS LAW DICTIONARY it changes the word flag [ Flag. ] to [ Flags ] = [ Singular ] -v- [ Plural ] Hense I do not have duel or plural allegiances to the National flag.
    Simple math [ 1+0= 1 ] -v- [ 1+1 more = 2 ] Clearly my fellow americans this is common sence as I think you will agree.
    Perhaps these are the same kind of people that are telling the republic that the Obama administration has created 2.1 million new jobs? Found at: 1.
    What thay are doing is ( Treason. )

  14. Sue M.

    Here here! I am so sick of what our government has been doing for so many years! I refuse to play their game anymore. We will not vote in another phony baloney election! We will not fall for their lies and illusions! We are NOT their slaves! I pray for De Jure Government to be restored to the people once again!

  15. Accrued taxation made this country great, when we made things in america we consumed, before the import taxation sector, which discouraged slavery and was proactive american science, manufacturing, and small family business—before free trade

  16. Evelyn Johnson

    I am for this dejour Government, GOD BLESS all of u for forming this again. I am against this one world order, this plan has been here, please GOD bless u.

  17. Goldie Barrett

    This is such wonderful news but since it’s well over a year old, I am wondering where my area Republic is. I live in Palatka, FL and have never heard a word about this.
    I am making a move to Maine soon. Is there something established up there?
    If not…..I’m more than willing (happy) to start a branch.
    Please let me know and God Bless The Republic!

  18. ” Truth ” absense of deception , same in all frames of reference, requires an awareness of variables affected by change. without addressing the variables, properly considered,, will add to the continual chaos created by the lawyers/judges/politicians/world class mafia dynasties/their proxies, currently occupying our government, creating the laws, that are removing our country as an independent nation—these men fueled by lust and greed make predatory laws, withour considering the variables surrounding the realm their bizarre laws affect.

    While the time for change, is required if we are to survive, as a nation , lead by spirituality, I am wondering if we should embrace information technology, replacing the ballot box with an openended referendum, in order to restore responsibility to our corrupted government, spending the effort to solve our problems by addressing them, as our nation of people live in these conditions created by mismanagenment of peoples making misinformed decisions. We are capable of identifing our problems with solutions so vast, information technology would be required to properly address them, given the limitations of human minds—compared— to the capabilities of such information technology emerging, as the IBM’s latest mainframe, ” Watson ” the empirical matrix, a mainframe computer architecture, and software system unlimited in the number of variables it can process in developing matrix math platforms required to arrive at directions we should take in order to resolve the ( man made ) problems currently destroying our nation, its peoples, resources, while our rulers elevate themselves into virtual nobility. a man made problem we must remove before anything can be changed. The question of how to accomplish their removal from our midst is one we must first address, before a logical resurrection of an independent nation can began

  19. Why the conservative movement will fail until AFTER the bloodbath and extreme persecution!by Glen H. Inlow on Saturday, May 14, 2011 at 11:42am

    The Nation receives prosperity when it follows God and it receives rebuke when it does not. That is a pretty simple message that has been proven accurate time and again throughout history.

    Where is the organized rage against the abomination of Homosexuality? Where is the overpowering rage against abortion?

    Where is the stifling rage against casual sex, theft, murder, liars and those who show a total lack of respect for decency?

    NOOOOOO, but there will be absolute and complete overwhelming rage when it effects the peoples pocketbooks! (what is their god?)

    Until the American people turn back to God and place Morals and ethical standards at the TOP of the list to unite for, none of the rest will ever be heard or cared about, and justifiably so!!!!!!

    Once a nation is spoiled it cannot be unspoiled until all is lost and hope is gone and the only option left is to turn away from rebellion and back to YAH.


  20. Where can I read the papers that went to the 50 Governors, and to the UN, UPU and Hague? Seems like that would be prominent on the website.

  21. Martin Cloutier

    Thanks for what your doing for us

    • Thank you for the invite to join

      I am ready for the time that lays ahead of US as a body that can and will prevail because it is right. May GOD lead us and be our guiding light.

  22. Wayne Bachmann

    I wish this small print was more readable. I can’t make most of it out. I have to print it out to be able to read it.What I have read, I really like. It is much more professional looking, and gives a better immage of the republic.

    Thank you so much!

    Wayne Bachmann

    • To enlarge the type, just press the “Control” key and the “+” key at the same time and the page will enlarge and you will be able to do that until the type is large enough for you to read. Good luck!

    • Bill Kline

      The small print is a function of your computer, not the website. Your browser has a function to enlarge print. It’s probably different on your browser than mine, unless you use Safari on a Mac. But I can type a Command plus, and enlarge all the print on a page. Yours has the same ability. You might have to access it differently.

  23. We Really Need To Learn And Read This And Come Together In Unity To Take Back Our Country And States From The Socialists, Progressives And Communists. Let The Govt. Be And Do What The Govt. Is Supposed To Do. Let The Church Be The Church And Do And Be What The Church Is Supposed to Do.

  24. Dr. Larry Quell

    The government we have now has never felt right. The tax system nearly destroys us all and must be abandoned.
    Keep up the great work!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  25. A worker once told me ‘The constitution needs to be changed”, to which I replied… “the Constitution needs to be followed, not changed”! Far to many people do not remember the American Revolution, the reason we had such a fight was because the King of England was usurping his power over the colonies even going so far as the “Stamp Act” which gave the ‘invading’ military rights to steal peoples property! I’d fight in a was to preserve my sovereignty and rights to life, liberty and the retention of MY property. But until We The People become cognizant of what the Constitution actually says and means, we will sink into the pit of Revelation 13 sooner than I’d like! Therefore to show the sheeple the true and straight path to freedom, we must still be willing to go the extra mile. Keep posting the good news! Steve

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